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We are happy to announce that QuebecSpec is now a part of the family Enspeco

Home Inspections

The pre-purchase home inspection will detail the condition of the building at the moment of the inspection. It will visually identify any defect or irregularity caused by normal wear and tear or a construction defect. The inspection will also serve as a repair to-do list if the customer decides to purchase the property.

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Home Inspectors

Our home inspectors are perfectly bilingual, hold "Errors and Omissions" insurance and are all active members of the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors. During your purchasing process the QuebecSpec building inspector is an essential partner. If this is your first home inspection and/or you are not familiar with the systems and components of a home or building, our inspectors will gladly help walk you through the process.

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Radon Inspections

QuebecSpec is NEHA (National Environmental Health Association) and C-NRPP (Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program) certified, organizations recognized by Health Canada for both the measurement and the mitigation of Radon in homes. We offer a complete set of services including the measurement of indoor radon levels, the elaboration of mitigation methods and the deployment of mitigation systems

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Thermography Inspections

Infrared thermography inspections cover a wide range of applications even though the most common demanded are insulation, roofing and electricity. Thermographic imaging can help detect the presence of water infiltration, wet or humid insulation in structures structures, defects in the building envelop and defective electrical panels.

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Eastern Townships Home Inspections

In business since 2004, QuebecSpec employs some of the best professionals within the building inspection industries and related services. These professionals have joined our team because they adhere to strict levels of competence and customer service. All our inspectors are perfectly bilingual and are fully qualified for pre-purchase building inspection. They are all active members of the Quebec Association of building inspectors (QABI) and holders of Errors and Omissions insurance.

Montreal Home Inspections

QuebecSpec offers a complete range of residential inspection services for homeowners, condo owners or apartment buildings in the Eastern Townships.

  • Pre-purchase residential inspections for buyers
  • Pre-sale home inspections for vendors
  • Warranty transfer inspections for new properties
  • Radon testing & Radon mitigation
  • Infrared thermography inspections
  • Blower door test

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